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Delivery terms

-> We are specialists in worldwide delivery <-

Neutral and discreet packaging

neutral packaging

We deliver your ordered goods in neutral packaging. From the outside no one can guess what is inside. As sender we utilise the expeditor S.A.G. Technology GmbH.

Notification per Email

If you place an order, you automatically receive a notification per email confirming that your order has been registered. As soon as we post your order, you will receive another information per mail.

Order per Fax, Email or Phone

Please note the article number of the chosen product.
For your order we need:

1.    Article number (e.g.. SX4711)
2.    Your surname and first name
3.    Your email-address, or fax number for the order confirmation
4.    Your date of birth as proof of age
5.    Your street, ZIP code, city and country
6.    Way of delivery (DHL/UPS)
7.    Your method of payment (advanced payment, credit card, direct debiting only for Germany, or cash on delivery (COD) only within Germany)
Optional: Your phone number for questions concerning your order

Order per Phone:  00800 - 555 888 77 (freecall from the landline)
Order per FAX: +49 180-3069069 (0,09 €/min)
Order per email:

Ways of payment

Credit card/ direct debit : The debit entry on your bank statement occurs under the name ‘S.A.G. Technology OnlineShop’.

Advance payment : You find our bank data which you need for the transaction on the confirmation of order which you receive per email directly after your order has been delivered to you. Please use the order number as reason for transfer.

Cash on Delivery (COD):
Your goods are delivered to you immediately. Payment per COD is possible for deliveries within Germany only.

Delivery expenses in Germany and Austria

For our customers we try to keep the costs for the verification of age as low as possible. So you have the possibility to choose out of several systems/ways. After the verification has been successful, delivery can take place per DHL or post (certified post – personal). Please bear in mind that age verification by transmission through UPS Express takes indeed from 2 to 3 weeks the first time being delivered. For Austria no age verification is necessary.

UPS Express - Age verification by transmission - for Germany
bis €25,00 Warenwert€18,90
bis €79,00 Warenwert€14,90
über €79,00 Warenwert€9,90
DHL - D-AVS. Age verification via online procedures (Q-Bit) - for Germany
bis €25,00 Warenwert€5,99
über €25,00 Warenwert€4,99
DHL - Age verification through personal ID - for Germany
bis €25,00 Warenwert€5,99
über €25,00 Warenwert€4,99
DHL - for verified customers - for Germany
bis €25,00 Warenwert€5,99
über €25,00 Warenwert€4,99
Regular post service - for Austria
bis €25,00 Warenwert€5,99
über €25,00 Warenwert€4,99
Extra charge for payments per COD (only UPS Express within Germany) €9,90

Extra charge for payments per COD (only DHL within Germany)

For orders with a value under €5,00, we have to charge a markup for small-volume purchases of €2,00.

Delivery expenses for the rest of Europe and the whole world

Despatch by post €8,99

Payment per COD is not possible.
For orders with a value under €5,00, we have to charge a markup for small-volume purchases of  €2,00.

Information on despatch by UPS express

Orders per express-despatch that are registered by 14 am on working days get already posted on that very day. The delivery takes place of the next working day (within Germany).

Simple modification of address by UPS express

To use an alternative address for the delivery, please call the free express-despatch hotline (0800-8826630) and with reference to your parcel number enter your new delivery address (you find the parcel number on the written confirmation of your first order delivery).

Only original-DVD's – no pirate copies

We receive all of our DVDs exclusively from wholesale traders, or directly from the producer. Some DVD's, however, get reproduced in small edititions by the producers themselves. By being manufactured in another process/manner they might have different colours on the backside, or not be welded in the usual plasticfoil. The quality of these films corresponds with the originals' quality and they can be played on any standard DVD-player. For questions concerning the above, please do not hesitate to contact us per mail:

Immediate delivery - products in stock

All articles presented in the shop are in stock and can be delivered immediately. In case that a certain article might not be in stock, we send it to you as soon as possible – free of delivery expenses.

Customer support

For special questions concerning your order, please use the contact-form or call us at the following service-numbers:

In Austria:
Phone:    +43 (0) 720 88 38 41 (Landline tariff AT)
In Germany:
Phone:    00800 - 555 888 77 (freecall from the landline)
Fax:    +49 (0)180 - 3069069 (0,09€/min)
Per email:

Right of return and return

We only sell factory-new goods that usually are delivered in either sealed or welded packaging. The byuer is authorised to return the goods within 14 days after delivery without giving reasons. The delivery expenses for return are on the customer. Unfree packages are not accepted.
A return for the reason of "dislike" is basically excluded. In case of defect or missing seals, or defect and missing welding the return is also impossible.
By destroying or removing the seal or the welding the customer obliges himself to the final purchase of the goods.
Any returns are to be send to :

S.A.G. Technology GmbH
Germaniastrasse 139
12099 Berlin


All price indications include VAT. Generally, valid is the price at the time of order.

Customs regulations

Only for deliveries out of Germany and Austria respectively we refuse any liabilty in case of confiscation for the existing/prevailing regulations of the country.

We care for our youth! (europe)

That is why after a verification of your age we only send your goods within Germany per "certified mail - personal delivery". The verifiaction can be done in the run-up via the upload of a digital copy of your ID, or other appropriate and secure online-checks (e.g. your banking data). In case that a safe online-check should not be possible, we also offer you the possibility of a personal delivery of your order via UPS express service. Please bear in mind that age verification by transmission through UPS Express service takes indeed from 2 to 3 weeks the first time being delivered.

After the verification of your age all future deliveries can be shipped via certified post.

Please also read our general terms and conditions (GBTs >>).